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 Corrosion Resistance Solutions from Arraycom Engineered innovations
At Arraycom thick film material, we develop corrosion resistant materials. Corrosion, apart from wear, is also one of the most common mode of mechanical failure which accounts for losses approximately $30 bn annually. Our product range is extensive and we provide solutions for low temperature, high temperature and mid temperature applications.
Engineered innovations
Corrosion is the response of the material to ambient containing oxygen. The best way to minimize corrosion is to prevent the material in coming in contact with oxygen. Our strength lies in devising appropriate barrier (or protective) layer to minimize the effect of corrosion and hence enhance the component life.

The barrier layer material solutions can be of three types :
Type 1 : Advanced coatings
Type 2 : Corrosion resistant steels; ferritic steels containing Si and Cr or Ni based austenitic steels.
Type 3 : varnishes, lacquers, paints for low temperature corrosion protection.
Type 1 : (150°C < T< 600°C): we have developed process for electroplating Ni, Ni-Cr coatings that can withstand corrosive atmosphere till 600°C. We have optimized our process to obtain correct grain size with very low surface defects. This is achieved by adding additives to the bath. The electroplating process is galvanostatic. We also provide electroless Nickel-phosphorous (Ni-P) coatings whose phosphorous content can be varied to get desired corrosion resistance.
Type 2 : (> 600°C): We also provide alloys steels (Si and Cr based ferritic steels, Ni based austenitic steels) that are corrosion resistant in a wide temperature range. We provide both ASTM grades and customized compositions also.
Type 3 : We also provide paints, varnishes, lacquers, polymer coatings for corrosion protection at low temperatures (< 150°C).  
Corrosion testing : Resistance to corrosion is tested as per ASTM B117 in closed chambers. High temperature corrosion effects are studied through metallurgical analysis and electron microscopy.
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