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  IAF DMDD Outdoor Unit  
Features of DMDD Receiving System Antenna, Feed & Mount-Outdoor Unit :
Highly Rugged and Stable construction to withstand wind velocity
Precision Compression Molded GFRP reflector for Higher Gain
High Grade Galvanized structure for Corrosion Resistance
Reduced Installation time
Ground or Roof top non penetrating mount
Specification of DMDD Receiving System Antenna, Feed and Mount - Outdoor Unit (DMDD ODU) :
Antenna Receive only parabolic reflector Antenna with offset feed Mount suitable for roof and ground mount
Frequency range 2550 MHz to 2630 MHz
Reflector Solid reflector 1.2 Mtr. / 1.8 Mtr. Diameter
Polarization LHCP (Suitable for Receiving DMDD transmit signal.)
Feed Connector Type N Female, 50 ohm (suitable for LNBC S Band)
Wind Load Operating = 100 Kmph, Survival = 120 Kmph
Azimuth Range 90 deg. to 270 deg.
Elevation Range 25 deg. to 85 deg.
Output Frequency Range 950 MHz to 1150 MHz
LNB LO Stability ± 100 KHZ Max.
LNB Gain 60 dB Nominal
LNB Supply + 15 V DC min. and maximum 24 volt dc supplied through centre conductor of IF cable
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