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 Coatings Solutions & Services from Arraycom Engineered innovations
At Arraycom thick film materials we provide coating services to our customers. We use four coating methods; Spray, Screen printing of slurry or paste, Electroplating and Electroless plating. Each process is discussed below in brief.
Engineered innovations
Coating process 1 : Spray coating followed by firing - appropriate Sol is prepared in-house and sprayed onto the sample. After spraying the sample is fired at suitable temperature and duration. End to end thickness uniformity better than 5% of the mean thickness is maintained. Generally used to coat thickness lying between 5-20 microns. This process is used for non-stick coatings and antifouling coatings.
Coating process 2 : Screen printing of pastes - the in house prepared pastes (ceramic, polymer and metallic pastes) is screen printed on the substrates followed by firing. Gives consistent results and is very cost effective as there is no material loss. Surface roughness and unevenness is minimized by electroplating/spray or electroless after firing. Generally used for coating thicknesses > 50 microns. Major applications are automotive and gas turbine applications (pastes of Yittria stabilized Zirconia, Calcia stabilized Zirconia etc.). We are also exploring other application areas for this process.
Coating process 3 : Electroplating- Our optimized process gives very consistent coatings in terms of thickness uniformity, hardness and elongations. Generally used for coating Ni, Ni-Cr, Co etc. Thickness achieved with this procedure lie between 5-30 microns. Coatings are bright, hard (hardness lying between HV 400-HV 800 at loads of 50 gms) and ductile (room temperature elongation of approximately 15%). The process is Galvanostatic. Best process for complicated geometries. Cycle times are low.
Coating process 4 : Electroless. Optimized for Ni-P, Ni-P-PTFE, Ni-P-B, Ni-P-PTFE-B etc. This process is used for coating thicknessess less than 20 microns. Coatings are hard (hardness lying between HV 300-HV 600 HV at loads of 50 gms) and ductile (room temperature elongation of approximately 12%). This process can also be used for complicated geometries but has high cycle times. Best suited for automotive applications.
We put coatings on mild steels, stainless steels, alloy steels, tool steels, Al alloys etc. We have our own patented cleaning and pre-treatment procedure that ensures best adhesion of films to substrates.
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