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 Ceramic Powders from Arraycom Engineered innovations
At Arraycom we manufacture ceramic powders; conducting, non-conducting and glass powders (oxide based). Our ceramic powders are manufactured by the most advanced chemical methods that are not only safe but environmentally green also.
Engineered innovations
Conducting oxides : Our products are fluorinated tin oxide, indium tin oxide and aluminum zinc oxide powders. We have the capability of tailoring the particle size and the electrical conductivities to customers' requirements. The major industrial applications are in :
Photovoltaics Sensors Electrical & electronics
Non-conducting oxides : Our products are Alumina (α, γ-Al2O3), Silica (SiO2), Zirconia (ZrO2) and tin oxide (SnO2). The major industrial applications of these powders is in
Abrasives, super-abrasives Catalysis (as support) Healthcare
Glass powders : Our products are borosilicate and aluminum borosilicate glass powders. The compositions of glass powders can be tailored to customer requirements.
Our strength lies in proper capturing your VOC (voice of customer) and prioritizing it appropriately to reach definite conclusions regarding the type of products suited for your applications. For us customer quality and their satisfaction is uppermost and we strive hard to deliver products that meet both the above criterion.
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