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 Earth Station  
More than 10 Earth Stations for digital Audio/ Video up-linking
Uplink Earth Stations are in fully Redundant configuration
Facility to Uplink Digital as well as Analog audio channels simultaneously
Facility of ESC Channel
M & C of all equipment on Remote PC NMS ( Network Management Software) developed by Arraycom
Arraycom built a large earth station to receive satellites imagery data from Insat / Metsat satellites. VHRR (Very High Resolution Radiometer) & CCD (Charge Coupled Device) data from satellite is received by our Earth Station at New Delhi which is used to generate weather forecasting images.
Reception of VHRR and CCD data from the satellite
Remote network monitoring system (NMS) of the whole system for monitoring and control of earth Station equipments developed by Arraycom
The earth station is reliable and accurate for forecasting weather data.
Differential decoder using Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) for VHRR and CCD signal totally Developed by Arraycom
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