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 Wear Resistance Solutions from Arraycom Engineered innovations
At Arraycom thick film material, we develop wear resistant materials. Wear is one of the most common mode of mechanical failure which accounts for losses approximately $ 25-30 bn annually. Arraycom specializes in materials for high temperature (> 450 deg. C) wear resistance only.
Engineered innovations
Wear is a system response and not intrinsic property of the material. Hence at Arraycom we first understand the potential wear mode, carry out experiments to determine the wear rate, wear volume and then propose solutions. The solutions are; either to develop a hard surface or coating to reduce wear volume or or use appropriate inorganic powders for high temperature lubrication.

Our material solutions are grouped into two categories :
Group 1 : advanced coatings
Group 2 : wear resistant steels
Advanced coatings (250°C < T< 600°C) : we have developed process for electroplating hard Ni coatings with hardness that can be tailored from 400 HV50 to 800 HV50. We also provide electroless Nickel-phosphorous (Ni-P) coatings whose hardness can also be tailored in the same range either by post deposition heat treatment or addition of suitable additives to the bath. Hardness can be achieved either by tailoring film properties or by altering the phosphorous content in the coating. Boron added to the Ni-P coating provides better performance at high temperature.  
Wear resistant steels (> 600°C) : We also provide alloys steels (Mn based and maranging grades) that are not only hard but also tough and have fairly good ductility at high temperatures. We provide both ASTM grades and customized compositions also.
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